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Our Team

Innocent Okoduwa (Roy Wealth Jnr.)

Benin City is blessed with several talented, smart, and successful people in the business world. Innocent Okoduwa is one of them. The fantastic entrepreneur with several skills was raised in the heart of Benin city where he began carrying the dream of becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country while looking up to more enormous challenges in the international market. Innocent, whose nickname Roy wealth Jnr speaks of his great fortune graduated from Delta state university Nigeria as one of the best science laboratory technologist in 2018. Although he had a perfect certificate with an excellent grade, he was unique among others because he chose to become an entrepreneur rather than seek employment in any organization. The journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur is not without hurdles.

It takes only a determined person to scale through to success, become an icon and a significant influence on others. Roy Wealth Jnr was faced with multiple challenges that helped him develop exceptional communication ability and risk management skill as an entrepreneur by learning how to prevent mistakes. Roy Wealth Jnr grew from a man who has little control over time and discrimination from society to a man with high integrity and perfect understanding of time management. He was able to push through the situation that seems not to support his entrepreneurial dreams by identifying his weakness and growing stronger to become a man with excellent leadership skills. He can perfectly coordinate several human efforts towards achieving success as a common goal. Being an innovative man, Innocent (Roy Wealth Jnr) thought of a way to solve the problem faced by Nigerians concerning petroleum filled with several impurities.

He thought of a method of bridging the gap between quality and affordability. He founded Rwjoil and Gas. Rwjoil and Gas is one of the oil companies in Nigeria with high integrity and dedication towards customer satisfaction by placing a top priority on value rather than wealth accumulation. Innocent (Roy Wealth Junior) who is the founder and chairman of the company ensure good customer relationship between staffs and clients and supply of only top quality oil. Considering the stress, people go through whenever there is hoarding of fuel, Rwjoil and Gas always ensures the availability of oil and gas regardless of the season. Aside from his official life, Roy Wealth Junior is a fun-loving and accommodating young man that spends his leisure time having fun with friends and playing video games whenever he has the opportunity. He hopes to start his family soon, have his beautiful kids with whom he can travel around the world to witness the beauty of nature and the creativity of men. If you think success is bound by age, then you haven’t read the Roy Wealth Jnr’s story.